How to start a Print on Demand business in 2019

Ever heard the phrase “You can’t make money without money” ?

Yep, so have we. Perhaps that was the case in the past. It’s 2019 now and things have changed!

With the endless opportunities that are available online, one would think the general populace would be more positive than ever before. 

While it’s not easy, it’s most certainly very possible. Thanks to companies such as Printful

In this weeks business segment we dive into how to start a print on demand business in 2019.. 

Why Print on Demand?

  • No inventory required.
  • No equipment required.
  • No warehouse required.
  • No employees required.
  • No technical experience required.
  • No design skills required.

With basic skills you can get started today..

Keeping it Simple

Simplicity is the KEY to scaling fast. Simple designs, simple advertising, simple scaling and simple systems will be the key to your success.

Credits: Video courtesy of Madcam Publishing 

Top On-demand niches

Traditional niches – dogs, cats, yoga, religion, fitness

Demographical niches – mom, dad, son, daughter, PaPa, NaNa, aunt, uncle, husband, wife, married, etc.

Profession niches; veterans, police, EMT, firefighters, mechanics, nurses, teachers, massage therapists, etc. 

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