What do You Need to Set up Web Hosting?

A credit card and a domain name.. That’s it! Pretty simple huh?

Not quite.

The first problem is, while there are many places to get a domain name – you can start by searching availability below – it’s extremely difficult to get the name you want.

Do you need to get a domain name immediately?

Well, no. But most web hosting providers offer a free domain name for the first year as part of their various packages, so it’s not a bad idea to at least have one in mind before purchasing a hosting package.

Once you have a name that’s not taken that’s it, choose your desired provider and an applicable package to suit your project and you’re ready to go!

But, what web hosting company should I use?

There’s a reason that 90% of our clients leave this part to us or at the very least, seek advice. And the truth is, it is difficult to structure and pick an outright winner among the many web hosting companies available.

Where Should I Host My Website?

This is mainly due to the requirements of the client rather than than limitations of the service providers themselves. There is something available for everyone at every level – from the mom-n-pop web blog to large corporations, who require high speed custom hosting packages – at a premium of course.

Fortunately most hosting companies have kept it simple for the average person to understand, and picking an appropriate package is getting ever easier!

As a long-term client of SiteGround Web Hosting, we cannot praise them enough for the first class customer support we received over 4+ years. More importantly than that, 100% Uptime and industry leading speed! Find out why we, and millions of others chose SiteGround Shared Hosting here.

We have recently expanded our servers and are now clients of A2 Web Hosting. Stay tuned for a thorough review on why we chose A2 Hosting to compliment our current packages at over SiteGround. Take a look at various other options we considered for ours and our clients web hosting services here.

How much does Web Hosting cost?

Basic entry level packages will start at around 6 dollars a month and can range up to infinity!

Always be cautious of first year promotions that actually end up costing double upon renewal. You could always take advantage of such promotions by taking 5-to-10 years up front – saving a massive 50%!